IMAS compliance
made simple

by Fenix Insight

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About Us is a free tool developed by Fenix Insight to make searching and checking compliance standards simple.


Identify IMAS requirements relevant to your operations


Save selected IMAS requirements to your own list


Use filtered lists to check your own IMAS compliance

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How To Use

  • Step 1

    Search IMAS standards

    Start by selecting only those IMAS from the drop down list that are directly relevant to your activities. Then select your stakeholder type to filter out requirements that don’t apply to you. Then decide on basic compliance (shall requirements only) or extended compliance (‘should’ recommendations as well). Your filtered list shows only those requirements that you need to satisfy to demonstrate IMAS compliance. You can also search for requirements and recommendations by topic, quality management principle, risk management stage or key word.

  • Step 2

    Save relevant requirements

    Save selected requirements to your own personal list. You can edit your list to include only those requirements and recommendations that you need to know about now, or you can clear the whole list and add in new entries from a new set of filters.

  • Step 3

    Print, Share, Check compliance

    You can print the list and share it. Use your saved list as a check list when you want to confirm, monitor and demonstrate your IMAS compliance status. Use it as a focused resource when you need to discuss how particular themes and topics are reflected in IMAS.

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